Our luxury hair salon based in the heart of Kent offers a friendly team of hair designers & stylists with 30+ years of experience in the industry.

Cutting & Styling

 Cut & Blow DryWet CutBlow DryGents Cut
Salon Director - Jacqui£61£51£32£32
Creative Director - Victoria£55£45£29£29
Creative Designer£50£40£28£28
Artistic Director - Sarah£46£36£28£28
Artistic Designer - Georgina & Jessica£41£31£28£27
Designer - Rosie£31£21£20£20


Note: Extra thick long hair will be on quotation only.
 Full HeadHalf HeadT-Section
Salon Director - Jacqui£94£64£47
Creative Director - Victoria£92£62£44
Creative Designer£90£61£44
Artistic Director - Sarah£90£61£44
Artistic Designer - Jessica & Georgina£90£61£44
Designer - Rosie£82£57£40
Full Head Tint£49 for all stylists
Semi-permenant Colour£36 for all stylists
Roots£40 for all stylists
Glossing£25 for all stylists
Men’s Flash Finish (a natural grey blender)From £10 for all stylists