Our luxury hair salon based in the heart of Kent offers a friendly team of hair designers & stylists with 30+ years of experience in the industry.

Cutting & Styling

 Cut & Blow DryWet CutBlow DryGents Cut
Salon Director - Jacqui£65£55£34£34
Creative Director - Victoria & Sarah£57£47£31£31
Artistic Director - Jessica£53£43£30£30
Creative Designer - Georgina & Michelle£48£38£30£29
Senior Designer - Trinity£36£26£24£24


Please Note: Balayage is a very personalised service and is different for every head of hair - this is why we require a consultation first to provide a quote for you.

Babylights are best for clients wanting to be very blonde - we use finer weaves than standard foils allowing us to pack more foils in to create maximum brightness.

Toners and Olaplex may be recommended onto standard foil appointments to help you achieve the colour you want to achieve.
 Full Head FoilsHalf Head FoilsT-Section/ FaceFramingRoot Tint
Salon Director - Jacqui£100£70£50£43
Creative Director - Victoria & Sarah£95£65£47£43
Artistic Director - Jessica£95£65£47£43
Creative Designer - Georgina & Michelle£95£65£47£43
Senior Designer - Trinity£85£55£40


Balayage and Colour Extras

Balayage - (Consultation required to quote and establish timings needed)POA
Balayage refresh - (consultation required to establish timings needed)Refreshing a previous balayage - new clients will require a patch test and consultation for this service.POA
Babylights & Toner (recommended for clients wanting to be a bright blonde)1/2 Head (Half + Toner)from £100 for all stylists
Full Head (Whole + Toner)from £135 for all stylists
Glossing/TonersAdded to Service£15-30 for all stylists
Olaplex TreatmentAdded to Servicefrom £25
Semi Permanent Colour£40 for all stylists
Full Permanent Colourfrom £52 for all stylists
Colour Correction - (Consultation and patch test required)POA