Our luxury hair salon based in the heart of Kent offers a friendly team of hair designers & stylists with 30+ years of experience in the industry.

Cutting & Styling

 Cut & Blow DryWet CutBlow DryGents Cut
Salon Director£66£56£35£35
Creative Director£58£48£32£32
Artistic Director£54£44£31£31
Creative Designer£49£39£31£31
Senior Designer£37£27£25£25

Classic Foils

 Full Head FoilsHalf Head FoilsT-Section
Colour Specialist£101£71£51
Salon Director£101£71£51
Creative Director£96£66£48
Artistic Director£96£66£48
Creative Designer£96£66£48
Senior Designer£86£56£41

Balayage Foils

Viva requires all clients to have a consultation and deposit taken when booking a balayage service. Add on services will be required to achieve a full balayage look.
 Full HeadHalf HeadFace FrameFreehand Balayage
Colour Specialist£125£95£75£99
Salon Director£106£76£58£89
Creative Director£106£76£58£89
Artistic Director£106£76£58£89
Creative Designer£106£76£58£89
Senior Design£96£66£48£89

Balayage Add-Ons

Add-OnsAll Stylists
LowLights - adds dimension to give a lived in finish£30
Tip Outs - adds brightness without the regrowth£30
Basin Balayage - refreshing faded blonde ends£15
Root Shadowing - softens foil work to prolong colour£20
Global Gloss - adds tone, moisture and shine£15
Olaplex - strengthens and repairs£20

Colour Extras

Colour ExtrasAll Stylists
Root Tint£44
Full Semi Permanent Colour£40
Full Permanent Colour£52
Extra colour bowls (very thick/long hair)£10