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​Bookings and Covid-19 Policy Update

We have finally managed to call and rebook everyone who missed appointments during lockdown. If for some reason you think we may have missed you please call us from Monday 12th April 8.30am and we can check our books to see if you had an appointment. See below information on making new appointments.

New Appointments and Updated Covid-19 Policy

12th April. Our Online booking app (mySALONapp) will go live again for new appointments to be made, Our phone line will also be open for calls from Monday 12th. Please be aware we are unable to make bookings via email or social media. The mySALONapp is very easy to use and book appointments.


Covid Policy. Please refresh yourselves on our salon Covid Policy before your next appointment on our website homepage. The following policy has been added:

  • Patch Testing: At the salon we require clients to have a patch test 48hours prior to your booking if you fall under any of the following categories. Please inform us if you are a new client, you haven’t had colour service with us within 6 months, if you have used a box-dye since your last colour appointment or if you have had an illness since your last visit that effects your immune system such as COVID-19. Such illnesses can cause new allergies and cause your body to overreact to colour treatment so it is essential we test your skin for any reaction. If you haven’t informed within 48hours of your appointment we will be unable to carry out the colour service.


Pricing. We have been busy girls during lockdown and been enhancing our skills with online education. As a result of this we have adjusted our prices slightly. Glossing, toners and Olapalex treatments will now be charged separately as an addition to other services.

Finally, thank you for all your support through these testing times. Looking forward to catching up with you all.

Lots of Love, All the girls at Viva xxx